New paper about U-CAN


The paper describes U-CAN’s sample collection and organisation, and the value of the U-CAN material for cancer research. The close collaboration between participating universities and hospitals is emphasized as an important factor behind the successful collection of samples from cancer patients before, during and after therapy.

The U-CAN project was initiated in 2010 when Uppsala University, Umeå University, Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, were awarded a grant from the Swedish Research Council for strategic research in cancer. The present article, which summarises U-CAN activities during the first five years, includes a description of how the sample collection has been organised, how cancer patients in eight diagnoses areas have been recruited, and how blood and tissue samples and clinical information have been handled.

During the project period, so far more than 12 000 patients have been included. The collected material is made available for cancer researchers in Sweden and internationally and the paper describes the procedure for gaining access to the material. In the last yew years the number of research projects based on U-CAN material has increased markedly and the authors present U-CAN as valuable resource for e.g. identification and validation of biomarkers for the early detection of cancer.

The article was recently published in Acta Oncologica. The authors are all active in U-CAN.

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