U-CAN grants support for PhD students and post docs


In the spring 2017 U-CAN opened a call for applications for salary support for PhD students or post docs working in projects that use U-CAN material. Four applications were granted support for periods between two and four years.

The approved projects focus on the diagnoses acute myeloic leukemia, glioblastoma multiforme, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and lung cancer. Their titles are:

  • Plasma proteins as new biomarkers in acute leukemia.
  • Whole genome sequencing of GBM patients in U-CAN to find new candidate variants related to tumour development and tumour progression.
  • Clinical and molecular characterisation of chronic lymphocytic leukemia: focus on the population-based U-CAN cohort.
  • Immuno-monitoring of lung cancer patients treated with checkpoint blockade.

The support is in total MSEK 2.6 during a four-year period.

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