New design and new content on the U-CAN website


U-CAN launches a new and improved website with several new pages and much more useful information for the website's visitors.

The new contents include for instance improved and updated information to patients and research participants on what it entails to participate in U-CAN. Many new research projects that are using, or have been using, U-CAN samples and data are now presented on the website in order to visualize to the public some of of all the research projects that use U-CAN material.  

For reserchers looking to apply for U-CAN samples or data, the new pages provide detailed descriptions on the pre-analytical sample handling procedures, and what types of data that is available from U-CAN. We also have new pages that describe the application process in detail, including what steps, requirements and forms are needed.

Among the new pages we also find a description of U-CAN's own IT-system "Octopus", a brief historical overview of the project's development, a list of publications that have used U-CAN material, and a whole new page to download statistics and desciptions of U-CAN's various cohorts and subcohorts.

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