About U-CAN

U-CAN collects standardised data, tumour and blood samples and biomolecules from cancer patients before, during and after therapy.
U-CAN will support translational cancer research in order to improve diagnosis,
treatment and ultimately outcome.

Since 2010 U-CAN has built an infrastructure for the collection and biobanking of standardised frozen tissue and blood samples from patients with prioritised cancer diagnoses aiming to cover 30 % of Sweden’s cancer patients.

Standardised tracking systems and data collection across diagnoses were implemented during 2011. The following year the sample collection was increased with samples from patients with gynaecological cancer. After this, breast cancer, lung cancer, esophagus and stomach cancer, and head and neck cancer have been included as U-CAN diagnoses.

The research paper U-CAN: a prospective longitudinal collection of biomaterials and clinical information from adult cancer patients in Sweden presents U-CAN's activities during the first five years.

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Four universities participate in U-CAN


  • U-CAN will become an international leader in terms of high-quality longitudinal biobanking of certain cancers.
  • U-CAN will function as a hub for competitive translational and clinical cancer research.


  • U-CAN offers researchers and companies research collaborations covering longitudinal information and biobanked material.
  • U-CAN will collaborate with life science companies with the aim of running projects that are of interest to both companies and academia.

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