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U-CAN - a resource for cancer research

Successful collaboration between universities and health care has resulted in material from more than 22 000 individuals being available for cancer research.

This is U-CAN

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Four universities participate in U-CAN

Cancer includes more than two hundred diseases that are all caused by uncontrolled cell growth. In the last decades the number of cancer patients that are cured has increased. However, cancer therapies are unfortunately complicated by the fact that the diseases are very complex and can take different courses in different patients. It is therefore important that future therapy is adapted to the disease of the individual cancer patient.

In U-CAN we collect and organise patient samples that are taken before, during and after cancer therapy. Patient data and radiological images are also collected. We use this material to develop methods to fine tune diagnoses and to better characterise different tumour diseases, in order to be able to choose an optimal therapy for the individual patient. We will also develop and evaluate new medicines and other treatment strategies, and examine why therapies are efficient or not.

The research paper U-CAN: a prospective longitudinal collection of biomaterials and clinical information from adult cancer patients in Sweden presents U-CAN's activities during the first five years.

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Last modified: 2021-05-11