U-CAN Day with AIMday Cancer

On May 15 a meeting will be arranged where researchers and companies can learn how their projects can benefit from gaining access to the samples and data in the unique U-CAN biobank.

The 3rd Swedish Cancer Research Meeting

The 3rd Swedish Cancer Research Meeting will be arranged in Stockholm on September 2-3, 2014.

Welcome to U-CAN

Cancer includes more than two hundred diseases that are all caused by uncontrolled cell growth. In the last decades the number of cancer patients that are cured has increased. However, cancer therapies are unfortunately complicated by the fact that the diseases are very complex and can take different courses in different patients. It is therefore important that future therapy is adapted to the disease of the individual cancer patient.

In U-CAN we collect and organise patient samples that are taken before, during and after cancer therapy. Patient data and radiological images are also collected. We use this material to develop methods to fine tune diagnoses and to better characterise different tumour diseases, in order to be able to choose an optimal therapy for the individual patient. We will also develop and evaluate new medicines and other treatment strategies, and examine why therapies are efficient or not.

Until December 31, 2013, in total 5537 patients had been included in U-CAN.
The distribution between the diagnoses is shown on the page "For researchers"

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The postgraduate education program NatiOn awarded funding from the Swedish Cancer Society


The Cancer Society has recently decided to grant funding for the national postgraduate education program NatiOn. U-CAN is involved in the education program and researchers at Karoliska Institutet together with U-CAN researchers have applied for the grant.

Regional U-CAN collaboration receives research grant


Martin Höglund and his colleagues in the U-CAN diagnosis group for haematological malignancies have recently been awarded a research grant from Uppsala-Örebro Regional Research Council. The grant will be used in a project based on the regional collaboration within U-CAN.

New figures for included patients


A compilation of collected samples shows that until June 1 this year 4649 patients had been included in U-CAN.